The G.M. Dawson Club is UBC's undergraduate Geology and Geophysics society. 

Our mandate is simple: coalesce enthusiastic undergraduates with faculty/industry volunteers and embark on invaluable geoscience-based field trips enhancing UBC Earth and Ocean Science student’s value before they enter the work force.

The G.M. Dawson club encompasses the undergraduate geosciences community at the University of British Columbia, who are involved in many aspects of student life within the department. It is the clubs primary goal to coalesce enthusiastic undergraduates with faculty and industry, facilitated by providing resources to students, initiating bonding within the geosciences community and embarking on invaluable geology based field trips. Some of the past highlights include:

WIUGC: Unmistakably the most anticipated event of 2013 as the Dawson Club hosted the Western Inter-University Geosciences Conference in Vancouver, BC. WIUGC brings together both undergraduate and graduate students to present their research, connecting with industry and other students from western Canada and the northwestern United States who share a passion for the geosciences.

Student Resources: Providing resume workshops, industry nights, level 1 first aid course, PAL gun course, APEG information session and mineral identification kits.

Events: In addition to WIUGC, the Dawson club plans on maintaining their reputation for strong involvement in Roundup, UBC REC sports teams, intra-departmental and inter-university collaborative social events.